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Our Ministries

MINISTRY CONTACT: (843) 757-3129

Deacon Ministry - Deacon Oliver S. Brown

Food Pantry Ministry 

Hospitality Ministry


Junior & Sunbeam Choir - Sis. Theresa M. Frazier

Male Chorus / Men's Ministry - Deacon Benjamin Frazier & Bro. Leon Bush, Jr.

Missionary Society


Music Ministry - Bro. Harold Gordon

Pastor's Aide Board - Sis. Yulanda Mitchell


Program and Planning - Deaconess Laura Bush

Scholarship Fund Committee - Sis. Josephine Frazier


Senior Choir - Deaconess Polly H. Frazier


Sunday School Ministry - Bro. Danny Atkinson


Usher Board Ministry - Sis. Elizabeth Mitchell


Voices of Zion Ministry - Deaconess Carolyn F. Brown

Women's Ministry - Sis. Gwen Ferguson

Young People Department (ZYPD) - Deaconess Laura Bush & Polly H. Frazier

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